The consciousness and words of    TARLYEEYA    (one of the original 26

 leaders of uniting Worlds coming together to form an alliance to help keep the

 balance of Earth while she goes through her growing pains. )

Channeled through Matthew Greenwood.

There is much afoot my friends.

The winds of change are around us!

Mother Earth is fighting back!

 The winds you hear around us are on all atmospheric levels. The Earth’s 

ability to grow and evolve cannot be contained, even with all the 

technology that is being used to contain and manipulate the natural flow 

of universal and inter-dimensional energy that exists within and around 

the Earth at this time.

You….. all those reading, hearing or experiencing this information - your input is

 so needed at this time.  Why do you think Life is opening up for you? You were

 always told that there would be a calm before the storm but the calm cannot be

 contained any longer, or your energy be contained any longer, just as the 

Earth cannot contain it any longer. 

I digress. As has been foreseen some time ago, the ability for the reptilian  

beings to have an effect on people is very minimal now. Their time had to come

 – it has come and now their time is gone.

Though as one species declines, it makes way for others to become stronger.

 So too other forms of ‘negative’ entities grow in force.

Just as your spiritual, psychic, dimensional and energetic growth evolves you 

must find balance so as to maintain these new levels of awareness. Remember,

 ‘negative’ beings, entities and experiences are only there to show us what we 

either fear or need to look at within ourselves.

It has come to pass that many now come together to direct their energies 

towards a new state of being, finally beginning to bring the ego into balance.

 So it has been told, it now also comes to pass that many beings such as 

myself come together to help the growth of humanity and the growth of Planet 


Humanity exists on many planes of existence:

There are those that choose to lead a simple existence. Young souls that have

 limited desire or need for great spiritual growth. Souls who have existed many

 lifetimes but not of this world. These souls have much to learn of dealing with 

the ego, with conflict and finding their way back to self awareness.

So dealing with personal/spiritual growth and the growth of Humanity and the 

Universe is far from what drives them at this stage of their growth. They make 

up the majority that exist on the planet.

Then there are those who have a path of being more heart connected. To learn,

 to grow and to draw from their ability to expand their awareness. Bringing a 

balance to a much misaligned series of lifetimes both from this world and 

others. Those who are wanting to achieve more than just ‘putting their foot in 

the door’. Though still not challenging their ego of the social and religious

 indoctrinations with too much verocity.

There are those who are very aware of what is happening on the Earth. Their 

purpose is to bring themselves into alignment with their greater souls journey, 

clearing much of their past, that which held them back. Not just of this planet 

but of other worlds they’ll have had incarnations on. They are ready to take 

greater responsibility for their actions, or having to come to terms with Karma. 

There is a yearning for a greater level of peace in their lives. Those in this 

particular level of existence have a much greater awareness and go through the

 growing pains not just at the spiritual level, mental level or emotional level but 

also very much on a physical level , learning to keep all levels in balance. 

Remembering at this level the physical pays a heavy price when the other levels

 are out of balance.

Then there are those who have a greater connection to the further development

 not just of Humanity or this Planet but that of the Universe. Not just of this 

dimensional level but the many and multi dimensional levels that exist on this 

planet at this time. Those at this level have a much deeper level of growth and 

sometimes an internal battle existing within them. If you imagine all  levels of 

spiritual growth existing on the planet at the moment all rolled into one, that is 

what is happening for those on this journey. Plus the need for emotional and

 mental stability being most needed for their growth at this time. Not all will be 

able to continue. For it can be a great strain on the energetic system for those

 on this path. There is a great need for them to have stability around them and

 yet the ability to deal with so much instability around them has to be found. It is

 most needed for those on this path to find inner peace so that the inner 

stability becomes a platform to be able to step into the imbalance of all the 

interdimensional levels that are being played at this time.

As you may be aware, there are many levels of the Earth being affected heavily

 at this time. I talk about those that manipulate not just the physical Earth,

 energetic Earth but also the Timeline of Earth.

There is a theory that if you can hold the Earth within a certain dimensional 

level, Time will slow down. This knowledge has been known to a few for some 


A lot of what has been done to manipulate the Earth and its inhabitants comes

 from this theory and is being tampered with now.

A pebble suspended in space – all actions and reactions occurring as normal. 

If this pebble which exists within a certain dimensional space is opened up and 

overlapped with other dimensional spaces at the same timeline existence, the 

energy and the space the pebble exists within becomes dispersed – it is not 

whole. So the timeline the Earth exists upon becomes dispersed with the 

understanding that the time the Earth is in now moves quicker – all experience 

this phenomena no matter what level they are in – if this dimensional level that 

it exists in, with all its abundance of growth that comes with it, as some have 

spoken about in books and other literature, the speeding up of time – draws in

all the growth of sinacular  time. This is what the attempt is about – to slow this 

action down, which will slow the growth of humanity down and slow the growth

 of the Earth.

What would be achieved:

Look closer at the Earth to begin with . This would 

slow down the opening up of  Humanity and those that are in the second last 

level growing and hence touching those that are growing in the lower levels.

 Even a small vibrational change in the first level of spiritual growth, will bring

 huge change to those at the high levels of growth. Remember, those on a path

 of spiritual growth, have a much greater ability to change when in an

 environment of mutual growth. If not in this environment, it is much harder for 

the individual to maintain growth.

So if the majority are touched in one small way it will affect those in the higher 

levels of growth. 

Therefore, slowing down time reduces the ability for the majority to change. 

The status quo can be sustained and spiritual growth for the bigger picture of 

the Earth slows.

What is happening on the planet at this time and why so many feel lacking in 

energy and an increase in internal conflict is that their energy is in tune with the

 natural growth the planet goes through.

Suddenly interdimensional shift is affecting the natural growth – those in this

 space suffer the effects of this.

What can be done:


Most important to listen to the body and what it needs without questioning the 

body’s ability to tell what it needs and act upon it.

Needs to sustain its level of energy – input of exercise to help the flow of energy

that exists on the planet at this time otherwise you can easily fall into 

manipulative energy


Most important to trust feelings with the people that exist within your space

Be aware of what is happening with those people

You no longer can assume or hope for the best and only see the best in people 

as that is naiive.


Very important to acknowledge electronic devices that exist within your space –

 we would suggest no longer using a mobile phone for an alarm (too close) if 

within hands reach it is too close

Better to turn the phone off or leave it at least 4 metres away from you (does not

 affect you at this distance)

At 1 metre it is having a huge effect

 The effect is that it heats the energy field – physical but also has a vibrational

 effect on the energy field – it scrambles the ability to have clear awareness so it

 is most important not to have the phone on your body

There are mobile phones being used for manipulation now – technologies that 

have a detrimental effect on the ability to have independent thought, clear 

awareness and to be open to input that is being delivered to humanity at this 

time for positive and heightened growth.


Part of the manipulative energy being used against Humanity is one of 

fragmentation – keeping you fragmented from the whole therefore stopping 

your ability to connect at all levels of your soul’s growth (affected by mobile 

phones, TV, technologies being used beyond the understanding of most on this


Important for you to continue meditation regularly

Important to keep you energy in check daily

Important to find the stillness within that no matter how you

 achieve this

Trust as we stand with you at this time.

We stand for the spiritual growth of all humanity.

Be at peace with who you are. 

In your hearts you know which levels of existence you are in (not to be proved

 but trusted and felt at a heart level and to be acknowledged.) 

Have faith in your journey, who you are and what you stand for. 

Have faith and trust in Spirit and the Beings that are walking with you at this 


Thank you. See the importance in this. Do with it what you feel best.

Channeling dated 20th May 2012.

The consciousness and words of    TARLYEEYA    (one of the original 26

 leaders of uniting Worlds coming together to form an alliance to help keep the

 balance of Earth while she goes through her growing pains. )

Channeled through Matthew Greenwood.

There has been much time between conversations and much has happened.

We will start with the obvious:

As is being seen – the effects – physical and emotional effects of the

 atmospheric seeding…. With many being already stressed with much 

happening in their lives, it does not take a lot to push the adrenals beyond their

 capabilities. It does not take a lot to affect the immune system when it is 

already stressed.

On the surface, it seems as though nothing can be done to change this, but 

this is far from the truth. For those that do not allow themselves the time to be

 more self aware, they allow themselves to fall into an endless cycle of stress –

 the physical body being out of balance with this stress – allowing very little 

space for self awareness to be achieved. This of course is all about choice, 

which is the basis of the next step of evolvement for Humanity.

 So for those that do allow themselves the time and the space to delve further 

into their physical well-being, they then have a much greater awareness of the

 weaknesses within their physical system whereas before many of these 

weaknesses lay dormant. Of course, the trick here is to not allow the imbalance

 to compound – always allowing a time for self. 

Just as many of you know – with the perception of Time speeding up and the

 difficulty to fit everything in a given day – the Ego has a built in drive to achieve

 more than it is capable of, as well as being able to stay in balance with self-

awareness. So something has to give.

If there was an outstanding piece of advice we could offer you at this time, it 

would be to allot yourself regular time each day to connect with the presence of

 your Spirit, your Soul, your Mind and your Body. And for each week, one day to

 allow yourself the space to bring all things into balance, whatever these things

 may be. Might we suggest for you to notice the balance and understand how

 you are sitting with this. Be aware of the four major levels of your energy

 system – your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body and of 

course your spiritual body.

It is thought by many – how can I, by myself, make a difference? 

Let me tell you how you can.

With each level of change and evolvement you make within your own being,

 you cannot help but have an effect on the consciousness of Humanity. 

Just as if everyone thought the same – that it is all too hard, how can I make a 

difference? – that also has an effect on the consciousness of Humanity. 

To coin a phrase that has been used many times in your New Age teachings – 

“To shine your light and allow that light to be felt and touched by others is what

 you were meant to do in this Life. You were never meant to hold that light back.

For all of you, your choice at a soul level to incarnate on this planet at this time

 is no accident. There is a purpose. 

This purpose is to bring spiritual evolvement to Humanity.

In no other time in Earth’s history, recorded and unrecorded, has the 

consciousness of Humanity allowed itself to evolve spiritually as it is now. 

Some may find this hard to believe. When all that is seen in your media shows

 destruction through war, through cases of mass murder, but this is what you

 are being shown. This is what sells the media to the world. 

This is what Humanity has seen as common place – chaos. 

So if I told you that by watching and listening and believing what is shown to 

you, this helped you to believe that the world is not changing. 

Instead, for those that are growing spiritually, that have awareness, that see

 wonderful things happening in the world, seeing people changing, asking 

questions they have never asked before, questioning their life and what is 

important, realizing that material possessions are not something that can be 

successfully invested in any longer. The investment that is important now is 

what you see in the mirror – yes, yourselves.

When you begin to believe this, when you begin to accept that the truth is not

 what you are seeing in the media but what you feel in your heart, this is when

 Humanity’s evolvement begins to take off.

There is the term “critical mass”. If I said to you that this critical mass is already

 being reached, that the evolvement of many already is making such a 

difference, that the vibration of the planet and all life that exists on it, bringing 

change and greater awareness with greater understanding of self.

Your media has great powers. These powers rely on your belief in what you

 see. It is time for you to believe in what you feel.

With technology as it is at this time on your planet, many things, occurrences,

 manifestations, unusual phenomena, can be hidden by your media. 

It is easy to take your attention away from the truth by telling and showing you

 experiences that feed the Ego – remembering that the Ego is based on fear.

 It is time to move beyond the old understanding of the Ego. It is not to say that

 the Ego does not have a place. If the consciousness of Humanity is evolving 

then so must the Ego. If this is to happen, it is time for you to become far more

 understanding of yourselves. To understand your weaknesses is to understand

 your strengths. For your weaknesses only stay that way because your Ego will

 not allow you to look at them with any depth. When you understand how fragile

 the Ego has become, particularly with the speed everything is occurring on this

 planet, you will understand that the Ego is hanging on and those in control, no

 matter what area they are working from, prey on the Ego of Humanity to keep

 self awareness smothered.

To understand self awareness is to understand everything of yourself and there

 is a great pressure from many directions to not allow this to happen.

In our observations of your planet, we see much good happening.

 We do not have to tell you this, though we wish to because it is the truth. 

We wait and look forward to the time when you see what we see in yourselves 

and the changes that are happening to your species. 

Humanity is going through a birth process. There are many in the Universe that

 observe and look forward to seeing what comes from this. 

We ask you to be patient with yourselves and be patient with those around you.

 Instead of expecting change from people, give guidance where you can to help

 instigate change.

We give great thanks for allowing this time. We honour the growth of all on 

this planet. We ask that you be at peace with your journey.

 Please see the momentous effect that your change has on not just Humanity 

but the consciousness of the Universe. This birth process you go through will

 eventually lead you to a greater connection with this Universe and all that 

observe you at this time.

Know that we are here for your highest good.

As always, we honour your journey.

Go with Peace.


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